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September 02, 2010

If I could have a word with Mrs. Von Furstenberg, please?

Alright, lets talk wrap dresses. The Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress is a classic, I don't know a body that it doesn't fit and it is the rare dress that is flattering regardless of height or size. The dress in it's typical fabric doesn't wrinkle, which makes it the perfect anywhere, anytime kind of dress. But lets talk about the design.... what if the skirt were a little shorter, or a lot shorter? The material just slightly heavier, to prevent a gust of wind from blowing the shorter skirt upward. See, I've been thinking about the two dresses I posted for Last Taste of Summer, and while they are beautiful they are not the signature wrap dress. I want something that looks like I escaped from dance camp, small with that little oval shape in the front, maybe a somewhat thicker sash. I want the perfect ballet wrap dress that has an edge, throw on some black lace tights and boots in the fall or maybe a black leather jacket and look like a hip ninja or look maybe slightly more refined than the average hipster crowd? I know that there have been variations of the wrap dress but nothing that I found particularly wearable, for example the tulle skirt wrap dress in silk for the Spring 2010 runway show. I don't know, I just feel like this design is something that is only a matter of time for DVF.

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